For Its 5th Year Franco-Queer Takes On The Colours Of The 400th

Proud to be here for over 400 years! »

« In 1615, Champlain explored Ontario. 400 years have gone by and for the most part the LGBTQIA[1] remained hidden. Today we are outside, in the light of day, and I am all smiles. « 

Guy Mignault, sponsor of Franco-Queer 2015
Director of the Théâtre Français de Toronto

[1] Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Trans-Queer-Intersex-Allied

Last week, FrancoQueer announced its detailed schedule of events in Toronto. This year, for its fifth season, FrancoQueer is taking on the colours of the 400th anniversary of Francophone presence in Ontario which will be celebrated across the Province.   Also, for the first time since the initial iteration of the event, FrancoQueer is proud to announce that the Francophone community will have its own float in the massive Toronto Pride parade, the Champlain Float on the theme of the 400th!

Until today, only two headliners of the FrancoQueer Festival, the francophone LGBTQIA Festival of Toronto, were released to the greater public. The first was Juliette Greco, star of the French musical scene who performed on June 18th at the Panasonic Theatre, and Mado Lamotte, the renowned Drag Queen from Quebec, who will be in concert on June 24 at the Théâtre de l’Alliance française of Toronto. We can now present the main events scheduled:

June 23: Commemorative Vigils

This year, the FrancoQueer festival is proud to announce Francophone participation at the commemorative vigils, in memory of those who died from AIDS-related illnesses. Christopher Webb will read a text by Raphaël Lopoukhine.

Venue: The AIDS Commemorative Monument, Cawthra Square Park, 519 Church Street at 9 p.m.

Prior to the event,Action positive VIH/Sida in partnership with FrancoQueer, Interlink Consulting Services Inc.and House-Maison invites you to a friendly tapas/drink at House-Maison, at 580 Church Street 7:30p.m. ENTRY IS FREE but you are welcome to make a donation to Action Positive VIH/Sida.

June 24: Mado Lamotte

Tricia Foster is the opening act of the concert. Tricia hails from Cochrane, in Northern Ontario, and now resides in Toronto. Sensitive and strong, her message is anti-establishment and pertinent, funny and moving. Her energy is infectious, and her originality is unique in Ontario.

Venue: The Alliance Française de Toronto – 24 Spadina Road at 7 p.m.

June 27: Great Champlain Day

Scheduled: activities at the Champlain Pavilion; Ménage à Trois performs on the main stage of Pride with Les Chiclettes, Kathlene Sauvé, and Chris Webb; DJ Phil Villeneuve will then perform followed by an exceptional concert by Amélie et les singes bleus on the Champlain Stage.

June 28: Toronto Pride Parade

The parade launches at 2 p.m. Show up around noon on Bay Street, at Church (more details will be published on social media and the FrancoQueer website.)

For the first time in the history of Toronto Pride, FrancoQueer is glad to announce that the Francophone community will have its own Float at the Greater Toronto Pride Parade! The Champlain Float will fly the coulours of the 400th Anniversary of the Francophone presence in Ontario. All are welcome to march with us, to the sound of DJ Philippe Villeneuve’s « remixes »!


About FrancoQueer:

FrancoQueer is the only francophone LGBTQIA festival in Ontario. It is organized each year by FrancoQueer, in partnership with Action Positive. FrancoQueer is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to defend the rights, as well as the welfare of French-speaking LGBTQIA individuals in Ontario.

In 2011, seeing the lack of participation of the Francophone community at Pride Toronto, FrancoQueer took things in hand and created Franco-Pride. Toronto Pride is a festival that was created in 1980 in the streets of Toronto. In an effervescent atmosphere that brought over a million individuals onto the streets, it is a festive period while being a showcase for protest with a simple objective: achieving equality and respect.

About the 400th:

The community’s commemoration of the 400 years of French presence in Ontario is a living legacy of the contribution of the Francophone community which began in 1615, and is still going strong in all areas of activity across the regions of Ontario, as well as contributing to the expansion of French in Canada.

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