FrancoQueer bilingual café

Join FrancoQueer for our new program: Café bilingue FrancoQueer. This activity will allow you to learn a second language in a natural way, with your peers, in an environment that is inclusive, friendly and safe.

  • Make connections and share knowledge about Canada’s two official languages with other members of the LGBTQIA community
  • Develop your linguistic abilities for the purposes of professional development, an interest and love of languages, cultural discovery and/or personal interest
  • Facilitate your integration into the community, develop your employability and get to know new people


FrancoQueer offers four types of linguistic immersion activities:

1. Weekly discussion groups in French and English, where we will pair up a French speaker with an English speaker, watch and encourage the mutual exchange, and explore the discovery and understanding between the two communities. The discussion groups will be conducted by an experienced coordinator. These discussions will take place on the premises of our partner Glad Day Bookshop, Canada’s first LGBT bookstore. Each week we will have a new discussion topic, new discoveries and free food.

2. Weekly French courses for all levels (from beginner to advanced) provided by the Alliance française de Toronto. These courses are designed for LGBTQIA English speakers or allophones. You will be placed into groups based on your own level of expertise.  Placement testing begins in June 2017. Classes start in September 2017.


3. Presentations in French, focusing on French-Canadian history and culture. The 2017 presentations will focus on Canada’s bilingual history and its 150th anniversary. The lectures will be conducted in French with simultaneous translation or translated materials in English, and will be recorded so that participants can listen and practice their understanding with written or visual media. The presentations will take place on the premises of our partner, the 519 Community Centre, a vital hub for LGBTQIA people in Toronto.


4. The presentation of films in French or in English, subtitled in the other language. The films will play in the theatre of our partner, the Alliance française de Toronto, and will be followed by group discussions.


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This project is made possible thanks to the Government of Canada.